We're Tim and Josh, and we're SO GAY!

Like many of our best ideas, SO GAY ROSÉ started after a night of drinking (rosé, obvi) with Tim and Josh, two friends who grew up in Canada but met in LA. What started as a funny phrase over bottles of wine, quickly developed into something pretty cool, when we realized the power of the phrase, “That’s so gay.”

Tim grew up in a super religious household, and didn’t come out to his friends and family until he was 28.

"Being called “so gay” in high school and college was a negative thing, and I was mortified every time someone told me that my outfit was "so gay" or that my love for Mariah was "so gay." After struggling with self-love and acceptance for years, I finally realized that there's nothing worse in life than not being able to celebrate who you are -- and the people you love.”

Josh is straight but has been a longtime ally to friends like Tim and the LGBTQ community.

“As a straight, white male, I've never experienced the kind of hate or shame that Tim has gone through in his life, but working on SO GAY ROSÉ has been an opportunity for me to learn more about the LGBTQ community, and show my support as an ally and partner. It’s also just been a lot of fun.”

While the product is sparkling rosé, the brand is so much more. We’re creating a catalyst for conversation, along with a fun, whimsical aesthetic that celebrates freedom and fun - two elements that we’ve been missing for over a year now.

We're also reclaiming the phrase "so gay" to be "so great," embracing the joy that comes when you live your most authentic, colorful self. SO GAY ROSÉ is our way of bringing people together, one drink at a time, while proudly declaring that being SO GAY, is something SO worth toasting to.

A portion of our proceeds are donated to The Trevor Project, an organization that was once a lifeline for us, and continues to be a lifeline for LGBTQ youth around the country. We also work with local partners in each of the cities where our wine is sold, to give back to LGBTQ organizations in the area. For more information about our give back program and to nominate a group or cause, email hey@sogayrose.com

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